the ipad rotates the pictures correctly. Windows you will need to rotate your monitors for now.

We arrived in Zurich safely at 3:40. Mom got her passport stamped and was happy.
Luggage arrived immediately and we headed across the street to the train station.
Got the rail pass stamped at the sbb travel agency not the ticket booth.
We saw farmland and rolling hills out the train windows as we travelled to Schauffhausen.
We changed trains at Winterthur. The elevator took us through the parking garage
One of us got excited because they thought we were leaving the train station

We arrived at Schaffhausen after 6. Did not get to lost looking for the hotel. The cobblestone streets made our roller bags noisy.
View out the hotel window
I would have opened the window for the picture. One of us said it was more artistic this way.

hotel room
We decided to take a walk since the weather was so nice. Since the falls were 3 miles away and it was late we took the bus. Swiss pass means free ride. Switzerland is a little like a theme park with the overhead tram replaced by trains, boats, and busses.
That's a lot of water
A nice place for lunch
eat with a view
The castle at the top of the hill
Schloss Laufen
Large wall of water. We could have snuck in the back door after closing but we were honest.
5CHF to go out on this

No Diving
We walked back along the river just in case it decided to rain tomorrow. We made it back just at dark and eook shortcut through a park with people that we would not likely spend much time with.
train bridge