the ipad rotates the pictures correctly. Windows you will need to rotate your monitors for now.

Castle Chilion boat ride in hurricane race to Vevey to buy chocolate pictures of sunset rainbows

It was really really raining this morning so we took the bus to the castle chillion today

We are even wet under the bridge

hope the castle does not leak

Jonahs raingear was not waterproof

Jonahs thought the heater would dry his raingear. Does it look like his jacket melted to the heater and he is stuck?

Exploring the grape juice cellar








which one is grandma

view from the keep of the boat we were suppposed to take. The castle is interesting enough to take longer than expected

a kook peeping out the keep

Paula made it to the top of the keep

Paula also made it down from the top of the keep

There was a lunch set up for a tour group and people were dressed in costumes - the lady in the center is in thge costume

more actors

the outside of the castle

the outside of the castle taken by those that walked back to the hotel

the outside of the castle taken by those that are artistic

lunch in the park before a boat ride

the boat ride was interesting. A bit of a storm blew in. They were chasing small craft back to port since the yellow light was on. it was not fast enough to be a hurricane so our boat could go out.

it is startign to blow

perhaps the high wind will rinse the smell from the shoes. Or perhaps we will fell sorry for him and let him come inside. Without the shoes.

Ashley and Jonah decided they wanted to buy chocolates. The store closed at 6:30. is was 5:50. The store is a 9 minute train ride away. The train is a 10 minute walk away. Grandma decided she wanted to come to. The train was about to leave as we stepped onto the train platform. Just made it.

Ashley is set to burst out the train door

Jonah and Erika are right behind her

Ashley sorting her stash

Erika and her haul

Jonahs pile

Jonah getting a refund before they close


that is a lot of chocolate