the ipad rotates the pictures correctly. Windows you will need to rotate your monitors for now.

Yviore Geneva fountain St peters rooftop thunderstorm

it would look pretty except we are planning to go to a medival city and old town Geneva today. Sunshine would be preferred.

not just clouds but heavy rain on this side of the lake

clouds are starting to clear

could that be sun shining on the hill?

someone complaining about a stinky smell in the neighbor hood?It was just a coincidence that my shoes were out on the window sill last night

What am I going to do? 4 more days until I can change shoes

Do we look like we are tired of having our pictures taken?

Okay the sunshine did not last.We have 9 minutes to walk from the train to the boat. All we know is that the lake is probably downhill from the train station and the boat dock is probaly on the shore of the lake. Let's hope there are a bunch of slow old people getting on the boat right now.

through a courtyard

down an alley

someone else has stinky shoes.

no slow old people waiting on the dock but we may yet make it

We made it on the boat but just as our boat leaves Nyon, the sun arrives.

Leaving the town of Nyon.We hope the sun follows us to Yviorre.

Trying to air out his shoes.


move dear, so we can get a view of the castle

the sun is coming







lunch at LuLus. We had paninis, crepes, and other french sounding things

Lulu only had one pan so we kept her busy



It started to rain and Grandma decided to celebrate by buying more ice cream

Mom ate her ice cream to fast to get a picture of it

Erika had 2 cones

jonah only had 1 cone

Mom wanted more

It started to rain and Mom wanted even more

The boat does not come to often so we are not going to miss it

Made it to Geneva and the sun is shining

artistic view of the fountain

Walking through the water

Flower clock with 2 beauties

St Peters cathedral

view from the top

view from the top

there were a lot of stairs to the top

a lot of stairs

mom and grandma taking a picture up

the rain is coming it is time to go down

it would take more that a metal gate to stop Ashley

exploring the old town of Geneva

exploring the old town of Geneva

We stopped at the COOP for supper food but Grandma would not leave until we bought her icecream bars

sunset back at the hotel