the ipad rotates the pictures correctly. Windows you will need to rotate your monitors for now.

travel day went for a boat ride on lake geneva

We are leaving Murren for Montreux. The clouds are rolling in

the clouds really rolled in

We finally see wildlife the day we leave. This guy was laying down by the train station

The stinky shoes allowed Jonah to have the corner of the gondola by himself

last view of the Staubach falls by Lauterbrunnen

Ashley is still keeping her distance from those shoes

Denise told us stories about South African gangs based in Interlaken that were stealing suitcases and pickpockets she dealt with on buses. Ashley was left on guard.

Lake Thun near interlaken

Fancy train with rotating seats

Fancy train for stinky feet

Fancy train with glass on the ceiling. It was really hot and the windows did not open so we could take pictures without the glare. The windows were clean though.

Fancy first class with glass on the ceiling. It was not as hot even thought there was more glass

Neat views from the glass caboose

nice views

Alps in the distance, rolling hills close

Grandma was nice and let Jonah sit in the caboose seat with his shoes on.

Grandmas camera, water bottle, map, and pen to make sure the train driver was going the right way.

views from the caboose

views from the caboose

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

On the way to the hotel in Montreux

The stairs we needed to use since the elevator was not working. The elevator is at the top of the screen

The view from one of the room windows

A bright light helped the hallways

One of the rooms had a balcony

The sidewalk along the lake had many more people than we were used to seeing after a week in the Alps

The paddle wheelboat will will be going on

This guy was suggesting we needed to swim to shore as we were having trouble finding our tickets

The engine was open so Grandma could tell if they were running the engines correctly