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June 7. The trip is going fast. We hope to see th tops of th mountains from the Schilthorn in the morning and walk down to and along the valley floor this afternoon.


the sun is shining so we are going to the top of the Schilthorn before the weather changes

the middle station where we change gondolas




near the top

at the top on the observation deck

snow is on the way

waving at our reflection as it snows

it is really us in the snow

inside the rotating cafeteria for hot chocalate

it started to get really cold while we were drinking our hot chocolate

the sun came out when we finished our hot chocolate

the sun is shining but it is not yet hot

the sun is shining still and it is still not hot


we separated at the halfway station on the way down. The lift operstors said the snow was to deep to walk in so the younger crowd came down on the next lift

the old folks are in this gondola

the sun really started to shine


this car was a little bit crowded

back in Murren and it is time for another walk

11 pounds of apricots. It was cheap fruit. We have 3 days to eat them before they go bad

heading our for a walk down to the valley floor. Old folks are riding the gondola down

The Swiss enjoy adding flowers everywhere

Nice place to walk

Nice place to walk

Nice place to walk

Nice place to walk

Nicer way to go uphill

Old timers waving at the youngsters

hope they don't slip

last stop for civilization before heading into the woods

walking down into the valley

fighting over one blade of grass

room with a view

the road less travelled

waterfall in the woods

down in the valley

fields of wildflowers in the valley floor

either Swiss door bell chimes or evidence of last few months suppers



waterfall drainage system

more waterfalls

enough walking, where is the strawberry pie

now it is time to eat

now it is time to walk again

one last waterfall

cooling off under the waterfall

decided to take the gondola instead of walking up the hill to Murren.