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First day in Murren. Looks rainy so we will go to Grindlewald to see the Kauffmann gravaesites and Lake Thun for a boat ride.
Denise has breakfast set up for us in the common room.
Mom getting first in line for breakfast

Riding the gondola down from Murren

a mini jeep and a sporty looking electrical car

quality is more important than quantity

Well maintained Swiss graveyard

Lots of Kaufmanns buried here

Swiss are always in order and structured

The church had the pipe organ in the front

Group photo in fornt of the church

It started to rain so we bought Grandma her ice cream bar and got back on the train to go to Lake Thun for a boat ride

This nice guy could not speak much English but he was very friendly

We walked along the river to get to the boat station

Chick magnet

lunch on the upper deck of the boat. It was warmer back in the corners

We passed another boat

We passed another boat

Arriving in Thun

It is a dance contest. The winner gets to dance with the chick magnet.

House by the lake

Bigger House by the lake

There is always a bigger House by the lake

There is always a cuter chick magnet

Thun is a town with a river running through the middle



The Swiss like flowers on walking bridges

Under the walking bridges are electrical generation plants

2 ff's and 2 n's

On the way back to Murren Grandma decided she needed ice cream. The youngsters ran to the coop to get it but were 2 minutes late for the gondola. The next gondola is 1 hour later. hope the ice cream does not melt.

What is the conductor going to do when he sees Ashley in the copilots seat?

He is jumping out the window!!!!

I hope Ashley knowsw whaty buttons to push and which one is the brake.