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On our way to Murren. The girls need to return to Italy for a lost phone on the 6:46 train. They will have a long 13 hours on the train catchign up to us. If they miss more than 1 connection they will be walking up the steep hill to the hotel. The nice hotel lady got up early to make them breakfast. They ate and ran. We hope to see them in Murren tonight by 8.
We thank these kind creatures for their contribution to the evening meal.
Local wildlife

the good croisants were back.

You snooze you lose. These two are serious about consuming their fair share before the rest of the group arrivres

The croisants did not last long once the rest of the crew arrived.

She may look sweet and dainty, but look closer at those eyes. This one can really pack away the croissants. We always check her pockets before she leaves the table.

Church surrounded by former members. Not active but resting gravely in the yard

The conducter stopped by to make sure he was going the right way

The reason we brought Jonah

Jonah just heard we have to change tracks again

Jonah and Grandma on the train couches. One of them kept putting thier feet on the furniture

Lake Thun near Interlaken

Lauterbrunnen valley near Murren form the gondola

The Alps from the gondola

The conductor took one look at Diane and Grandma and set them in the copilots seat. Just in case he needed to ask direction. This is the view from the train to Murren. The tracks only go to Murren.

They had a good view when they were not giving instructions to the driver

Just in case you did not belive they were sitting next to the driver giving directions

More mountains

First picture in Murren

No croissants but nice views

The town of Murren with the Alps in the background.

Chalet Fontana, the palce we are staying for the next 5 nights

The town was between 2 pastures

The backside of his tool was used to motivate the cows to move faster. The front side reduced the evidence of thier passing.

The Swiss are very frugal. If a shoe wears out, bronze it and turn it into a flowerpot.




The Alps

A brief walk above town showed even more of the Alps

Streets of Murren. Daily cow crossing help make the flower colors so bright

Planning the next day