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Rain was predicted but we had Snow.
We woke up to screams from some of the females. They were overly excited about seeing 4-6 inches of snow on the ground.
Not what we expected

snow on trees

The snowman must be made

Not even snow will keep Ashley from her croissants


Today we split up. Youngsters went hiking in the snow around the lake. Paula and Sindney went back to Italy to shop. Old timers went for a train ride around the mountain.

Sidney is about to cause trouble before she goes shoppingw

View from the train
Can you belive we took this picture?
We did not

First class is not what it used to be

Castle from the train

These bikers are waiting to leave once Norman and Sharon arrive.

Another castle

We took a train ride around the mountain. Lots of pretty scenery

Nice steeple but the most important building was the COOP grocercy store in the town where we changed trains

proof that Grandma had 3-4 ice cream bars

nice church on the hill

In Switerland they are so efficiint that they catch the bullets on the shooting range so they can reuse them

another mountain

St Moritz

St Moritz looking the other way

The sailboat and the steeple are leaning the same way

This is an escalator that goes from the lakefront to the top of the town where the shopping is. San Moritz is a very expensive town.

chocolate noahs ark

chocolate goat

not a chocolate building

a steeple

another view of the steeple