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Today we decided to go to Italy mostly by train. It is kind of cold and rainy but maybe it will change. We are going to stop at the top of the mountain and walk down the trail a mile or so then catch the train again.
Grandma is leading the way. The rest of us are trying to keep up

cold wet and happy so far
The sign gave 2 options for the trail. We were not sure which one to take. Sydney and Erika said to go straight. Jonah said loop back and the trails will meet up and the loop back trail was easier according to the map. We should have listened to the ladies.
A bad decision

This is actully much steeper than it looks. And it looks steep. We had 1 or 2 falls on this soft gravel and some very slow walking with help to gettothe bottom. It was to hard to go back so we went forward. Perhpas we should have gone back.

Ashley says since she color coordinated her outfit with the trail markers that makes her the leader.

She is very proud that she found the train station so easily and that we can get off this hard trail and ride the train to Italy.

These colors coordinate with Ashleys outfit but they are trail closed markers not trail markers.

Now that we are lost Jonah realizes he is hungry and is searching for lunch.

We found a nice lake

The lake again

The lake was at the bottom of a steep hill. We had to climb up the steep hill.

Then we had to climb down the steep hill on the other side

Staying dry in the hobbit hole

Ashley went exploring t osee what was inside

This is a trail?

We have not seen Grandma for a while. She does not like to go slow. Hopefully she sends back the rescue team with food and water for the rest of us.

Grandma did not go for help. She got bored and whittled a walking stick while she waited for us to catch up.

Hurry up slowpokes. We don't have all day.

We took a side detour and found a waterfall

It was Sonja's birthday so Ashley made a picture post card.

The top of the ridge is where we started the hike.

They can both think about it but we are taking Erikas advice this time.

Leaning out the train window for a good shot

The front of the train as loops around the curve to go under the track.

The train as it is taking the curve to go back under itself.

eating Spaghetti and pizza in Italy

walking in Italy

Taking the train back into Switzerland

Riding behind the conductor

Do not stick your head out to far

Espescially in the tunnels
Morterasch Glacire walk in the rain