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This was the last day at the manor. We really liked it here in the large fancy house with the washer and dryer and Joseph in the basement. We finished most of the food we bought, including the ice cream bars. We were out before 8 and waiting at the train station for the 8:18 train to arrive. We knew about the bus this time so we avoided him easily.
Jonah had misfortune with bird droppings which required thorough washing of both hands. They say bad things come in threes. We better watch out.
We are crossing Switerland today. All the way into the Alps. We are planning on stopping at Luzern for a few hours to break up the train ride. The train ride was quiet. No aventures.
With supervison like this who knows what trouble lays ahead
The first thing to do in Luzern is put the luggage in storage lockers or assign someone to stay with the luggage while the rest of us explore the city. No one volunteered to sit in the train station for 4 hours so we had to get lockers. The biggest lockers only fit 2 1/2 suitcases and cost 7 Swiss Francs each. Sadly we needed 4 lockers and 20 minutes of re arranging to get the doors to shut. Once the door was shut it was to late to say I forgot....

The train station at Luzern. Our train leaves at 2:35. Swiss trains are on time. I hope we are.

Luzern as seen from the train station

looking down the river toward the walking bridge

The Alps look cold. We will be there tonight
The pictures tell the story of a Roman general that was an Egyptian. He conquere the area of Switzerland for Rome. Afer he was done he was told to worship the Roman gods. He was a Christian and refused, so the Romans cut off his head. The area was captured and he was no longer needed. Centuries later the Catholic Church made him a saint and decorated the bridge in his honor.
inside the bridge

the entire length of the bridge is lined with flowers on both sides

It looks better in the sunshine

detail building painting, out door cafes, and wrought iron railing on the bridges

painted building

full time adult supervision would be helpful
We walked into this church and the pipe organ player was practicing. It was not a concert but we herad stretches of songs. While in there a poor newlywed came in the church. They were traveling through Europe and his wife convinced him to take just one suitcase for both of them. It was huge. It was on 4 wheels but it was 3 1/2 feet tall. It was to big for any locker so this guy had to push this thing wherever his wife took him betewen trains. We saw him as he pushed it into and through the church. The wife was flittign arouing the church taking pictures. This poor guy is in for a long life.
A lof of money in one place

another bridge and a tower with a stone man on top

the stone man
We were talking about where to get lunch when Sydney felt something wety on her neck. She though someone threw something at here. Sadly she was standing under a wire with a bird sitting on it. Paula spent 15-20 minutes using napkins and hand sanitizer in the middle of the street making things right. It did not help her composure with Diane yelling "that's gross" and causing all of Luzern to come into the street to see what all the excitment was about. Bad things come in 3's and what you sow that also shall ye reap.
Sydneys nice clean hair

A mothers work is never done
While eating lunch Grandma thought it would be kind to throw a sparrow a piece of bread that fell on the ground. Bad idea. We were swarmed by birds looking for a handout. Diane was taking pictures of the birds. All those birtds were excited. Sometimes when animals get exited they leave presents. Well one of the birds left Diane a present to sit in. It was clean we she got up so no need to check when she sat back down.
this guy wants food

these guys have the food

painting details

garage door

stairs in a small area

archway through the wall
After lunch we split up. Old folks walked to the stone lion. Younger crowd raced uphill to see the clock towers and the views.
the reason the older crowd went to the lion

tower grounds

young legs

more stairs

one of the views

clock works inside the tower

more views

more reasons the old set went to see the stone lion

the stone lion
At this point we have 30 minutes to make the train. The older crowd started walking to the train before the younger set came racing up to the lion for a few pictures. We had to keep remindeing Grandma that we did not have time to stop and take more pictures. We still had to get the suitcases out of storage before boarding the train. The younger crowd caught up and went ahead to get the luggage out of the lockers. Jonah had 3 suitcases to carry. We barely made it by getting on the closest door and walking through the train to our seats.
the train station from across the lake

closer to the train station

it was close but we made it
We now are heading into the Alps.
castle on the way to Preda

we are now on the little red train going into the alps

a village in the alps
This laduy got on the train. She was promoting the new railway museum. Most of her clothes were purchased on eBay
old fashioned lady

everything was authentic

the windows come down to bring in fresh air and aviod glare on pictures - be careful in the tunnels

the hotel is very isolated and up the hill. Good thing the young legs are here to take the suitcases

View out the room window

the food was very very good. Anna was very very nice

one of the dogs kept sneaking into the dining area

the trains ran every hour until 10PM