Trip Log - Monday, September 08, 2014

Started off with another delicious breakfast.Croussants are amazing. Ashley would approve.

Took the train to Jacobsbad tocatch the list to the Kronberg. Beautiful views from the top of the mountian.The walk down to the Schwagalp was up and down through cow pastures.

Some of the sights reminded us of stories or fairy tales. First we walked throughHeidis fields with alphuts and cows littering the mountainside. Then we walked through Hansel and Gretels forest with dense trees and yellow trail markers instead of bread crumbs. We did not find the witch's ginerbread house anywhere. I guess it has been eaten up. Walking along we can to the home of the Ents.Maybe this is where all the Entwives are. MAybe someone should tell the Ents their wives are in Switzerland ans not Australia.COming out of the forest we happened upon a bridge. Reminded us of 3 Billy goats Gruff. No troll underthis bridge tough. Not that we saw anyway. Wlaked through a mountain valley streqn with boulders. I'm surethese must have been trolls that turnned to stone whne daylight came over the mountian. Saw an alphut dated 1320. Shortly after on our way to alift we found it. The one ring. So we took it. But it did not make dad disappear when he put it on.Good thing. I'd still be lost in the woods without him to guide me along.

Came to an optional lift to Santis but decided not to go up since it is cloudy up there. So we are taking th train back to Appenzell to find a Migros.(grocery store) and buy something for supper. The bus schedule was read wrong so we missed the bus. So we are writing this whlie we wait 2 hours for the next buss to arrive.

Finally on our way back to Frohe Ausiche Hotel. Stopped in Appenzell to find a Coop or Migros to get something for supper.After searching and searching to no avail we finally found the tourist info center. Found out it was just around the corner from one of the places we turned around. After paying for our pruchases we headed back to the train station just as it started to rain. Train came on time and we didn't missthis one. Rain stopped and we got off and started climbing the hill to the hotel. Started raining again but we did not melt so we are all good. Time to get rested for antother day tomorrow.

Oh yes Appenzell is a very touristy town. But the houses have scenes painted on them. Cute place to spend some time.meandering along the streets and window shop. fitbit totals:steps 20135, flights of stairs: 88, miles 8.67